Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gazi Husrev Bey's madrasah in Sarajevo!!!!

Gazi Husrev-bey's Madrasah in Sarajevo

Gazi Husref-bey's Madrasah is the oldest educational institution in BiH and one of rarein the world which has been continually working for some 470 years. It was founded on January 8, 1537 by grandson of Turkish Sultan Bajazid II, the most prominent regent and benefactor to BiH Gazi Husref-bey, whose Vakufnama (Endowment) is permanentorganization and programme basis of this school's work. Thanks to Husref-bey's wise testament that this secondary school should study on „other things necessary considering tradition and place“ beside religious and traditional sciences, his Madrasah has always been pedagogically adjusted to conditions and period of its functioning

Kursumli Madrasah in Sarajevo

In front of Begova's mosque in Sarajevo where was the academy ...

Several thousands of alims, imams, hattibs (preachers in the mosque), muallims, muftis, hafez and eminent philosophers, artists and scientists have graduated in Gazi Husref-bey's Madrasah. The Madrasah operates today as a vocational school that lasts four years. Tuition is conducted in Bosnian language according to Curriculum, made by BiH Islamic Community Riaset and approved by the Sarajevo Canton Ministry of education and science.

Graduates from the Madrasah can continue their education on each faculty in BiH and many faculties abroad, especially in Islamic world.The Madrasah is a type of boarding school, which enables itsstudents many kinds of activities through different clubs. On this plan, choir club is specially affirmed. The choir club recordedaround ten audio and video tapes of "ilahija" and "kasida" (devotional songs). There is also a Magazine „Zemzem“ which has been continually published since 1968. Gazi Husref-bey's Madrasah operates as a single school with female and male departments.

Those are girls graduates from the Madrasah.......

Those pictures are taken day of their graduation ...

Girls from Gazi Husrev-bey's madrasah -Sarajevo

Girls from Karadzoz bey's madrasah-Mostar

Girls from Madrasah ''Osman Redzovic''- Visoko

What do you think about their style for the graduation day???


muslimahh said...

I love the one towards the top. The pink skirt and hijab with the white shirt. I LOVE that hijab! And the girls below that photo (in purple) are super cute mashallah!

Shabana said...

salam, these pictures are really really nice, masha Allah. all the hijabs shown are so beautiful. I was really impressed, because I didn't know that so many young girls are now wearing hijab in Bosnia, masha Allah. Thank you and may Allah reward you for sharing these pictures with us. I look forward to reading more about Muslims, hijab, and Islam in Bosnia, insha Allah.

Umm Yusuf said...

wow mashaAllah, i would have NEVER known about a madrasah in bosnia! that's great mashaAllah! its really good to see so many young faces turned towards following islam in bosnia alhamdulillah.great site sis =) are you bosnian? i love to hear them say SARAJEVO hahaha, it sounds so smooth and beautiful hehe

Umm Salihah said...

I had no idea that there were places like this in Bosnia mash'Allah. The sisters in all of the pictures look lovely.

Anonymous said...

salaam sister
hijab really suits them masha Allah, the bosnian hijab is close to the turkish style, but i' d rather so far the bosnian style so stylish and elegant

Ms.Unique said...


Jazak Allah for sharing so much about Bosnia and it's people.

Bosnian hijab girl said...

Umm Jusuf
Yes i am Bosnian,and There are a lot of madrasah in Bosnia mashaallah...

khaleejia said...

mashaallah they all look stylish there in bosniya too.are they all ethnic muslims or converted? i ve never heard abt bosnian muslims and that there are a lot. you do a good job by your blog. Allah yabarak fiki

Celeritas said...

I love to see the Turkish influence creeping in with satin touches, very cool!

Bosnian hijab girl said...

Yes ,all of them on pics are bosnian muslims..They are not converted,but rarely we have now some coverted,but no a lot of them.

Yes,we are etnich muslims,and elhamdulillah in Bosnia are a lot of Muslims..

Anonymous said...

nice blog

thanu for commentin on my blog
im visitin u lol!
wow i liv this site
i reallly like the pics
and the ones in the other posts
eg. the pink n black hijabis r sooo cute mashallah!
-pink n white jilbabs r soo nice
-the purple hijabis r soo nice
-and i liv the one with the men in black and the women in red!
-i think all them r great especially how every1 so co-ordinated
-her in england u dont really see dresses like those, u can get plain jilbabs etc but these ones r soo nice very lucky girls to be wearin em
wow ur site seems to be popular!

ramadan mubarak and eid mubarak for when it cums inshallah
also: could u plz (and spread the word aswell maybe on ur blog, to frends etc) could u inshallah plz put up a comment leaving a reward on this post of mine:

khaleejia said...

al7amdlillah,for ppl in bosnia! keep up as u re part of them!i hope all these comments encourage you and your sisters a lot!

eda said...

great pics,
i love bosnia more and more since i have visited last year. also we had experienced Ajvatovica and want to come 500th anniversary.I never seen people who are so good in heart and face:))
I love you Bosnia!

eda said...

great pics.
I love this country more and more since i have visited last year. also we experienced Ajvatovica. next year inshallah i will come again.
i love bosnia!

Ali khan said...

i am really getting attracted to Bosnian Culture... wat should i do..??

MOHAMMED said...

As Salamualikum, its such a great feeling to find such a great institution in the heart of Europe,specially in this age of modern illiteracy, Mashallaha may ALLAHA bless all those who are in the efforts to keep the institution going on.

Sayyed Saleem said...


I am in Indian, I happy to see Muslim in Bosnia are happy and doing well. Wish u all best of Luck.

Lilia Nurul Huda said...

salam, i'm lilia from indonesia. i am so glad to see muslimah in bosnia. subhanallah they are so nice and kindly. i wish i can get friend from bosnia.. :)


Aida Hadzic said...

Salam to everyone...

well.. I am looking at this blog and I am so surprised, these pics are from 2008, and I am so pleased and so full of some kind of warm emotions as these are pics from my graduation from Medressah... it was the moment when these younger girls came to me right before Zuhr salah and gave me those beautiful flowers which used to smell throughout my whole house for a whole week, I was so surprised and now an even greater surprise is this blog with all these kind comments

may Allah reward you all

thank u all so much especially for reminding me about this beautiful moment and day