Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Arduana Pribinja-Kuric

Arduana Pribinja -Kurić

She was born on October 26th, 1979 in Sarajevo. She has been a part of NTV Hayat team since 2001. She hosted morning show "Jutro s Vama" for four years. Talk show "Arduana" was successfully broadcast in 2004/2005. In 2007/2008 started a new season of "Arduana". She is married, and a mother of two.Her husband is Bosnian fameous singer Aldin Kuric -Al' dino.

Arduana has finished Gazi Hurev Bey's Medresah[Islamic secondary school] and after that she started to work journalist.After she started to work for television house like host lady,she changed her style of hijab.I think that her hijab is not very '''islamic'',but her hijab is not the style of all Bosnian woman.

She is the only tv host lady with hijab who works for TV house in Bosnia.Adriana Pribinja, an anchor for a private Sarajevo television station, has been wearing a hejaab since she was 12. She, in contrast to the traditionally veiled women, uses make-up and wears trousers underneath long tunics. “Some believers do not appreciate this,” she explains. “It happens to me in the street that I meet a woman covered by a nekaab, and she wouldn’t reply to my greeting. She would turn her head away from me. I do not wish to explain to people why I did it and why I do it in such way. Faith is an intimate experience between God and a person,” she adds. During a four year war that tore religious and ethnic communities apart, a significant number of women turned to religion and decided to cover themselves.
In September 2004, TV Hayat aired a talk show “Arduana”, which raised a question of accepting homosexual
people in BiH. This show was a major benchmark given that this whole topic was presented through the prism
of yet unfinished movie of the BH Director Ahmed Imamovic, 'Go West' (the film, among other things,
addresses a love story between two men of different ethnic backgrounds during the war in BiH and their struggle
to “go west”). After the show certain newspapers and magazines published the articles which criticized the host Arduana
and the editor of the show (reference).Avdic journalist in Bosnia called the TV Hayat journalist Arduana Pribinja-Kuric – a pit bull (ironically linking the fact that the journalist is a bula – a person who graduated from an Islamic religious school – and the dangerous pit bull dogs). Avdic is aware that his style is not always up to standard and he does not find it hard to admit this.
This is Arduana!!!What do you think about her style??


muslimahh said...

I love the bottom picture! She's beautiful mashallah!

Anonymous said...

very stylish
hijab suit european sister masha allah and her carrer is amazing !

Yosra said...


First of all, thank you for visiting my blog and mashahallah you have a great site as well.

I once talked with my first graders about a picture of a group of hejabis all covering differently from each other. I asked them, "Which is covering the best?"

Some said this one. Some said that one.

I said, "Actually, we don't know and can't know because we can't look into their hearts. Who is the only one who can do that?"

They shouted out in unison, "ALLAH!"

So, you asked at the end of your post what we thought. She is very stylish, of course--beautiful, masahahallah.

Is she, wearing her hejab the best way possible? I'll leave that to Allah.

Keep offering new ideas and keep visiting me :)

Umm Salihah said...

Mash'Allah this is abeautiful sister. Her hijab may not seem enough, but who are we to judge? Also, it must have been very difficult for her to get work in hijab so I suppose she is a trail-blazer creating a path for other women.

I htink the woman in niqaab who turned away from her was not behaving as a good muslimah would. I had no idea that women in Bosnia wore niqaab - thank you for dispelling some of our misconceptions.

natasa said...

She is beautiful and she is TV face. That is the most important thing in her covering.

Bato Daesitiates said...

I do not u derstand how anyone could despise someone because of the way thy're wearing a hijab. On the other hand, no enquiry about the right/proper way of weraing hijab should be i terpreted as malicious, conservative or extremely opposed to Arduana's style.
I noticed two different positions among Muslims about the hijab styles: one opposed to the styleike that of Arduana (where some Muims pose the following question: " Is the image of a Muslim person supposed to promote Dignity and Respect (which according to them is found among Muslim women wearing hijab without makeup, without long and painted nails, without high heels and without other attractive elements), or the image of attraction, passion, fashion and self promotion (which they believe is found and promoted through the image like that of Arduana - make-up, fashion, and self-promotion)?
There should be some Islamic scholar or authority to answer this question (if tbere are no clear rules written on this topic), beacuse those who say: " Who are we to judge- only God can judge" surely do make some judgement that they won't express openly, and surely would have a judgement if they saw a tatooed person smoking marihuana and wearing a hijab....In other words, I found the position: " No one is allowed to have an olinion expect for God" a little hypocritical and dishonest bcs even those who say that are not so liberal and openminded as their statement seems to suggest, bcs I am sure tbey have some judgement about something...(plus the fact that fashion/attraction/fashion/self-promotion are very opposite of Humbleness/Dignity/Respect.....

Again this is just an observation about unanswered questions....

Peace and Goodness