Thursday, January 1, 2009

Protest in Bosnia for Palestine


Nicole said...

Thanks for posting your photos! May Allah reward your efforts.

Chahira Daoud said...

Thank you dear, we all have to do something for palestinians,they really suffer, may Alaah save them as soon as possible.

bunda said...

Thankyou my sister
we all have to do for Palestinians.
May Allah save them ASAP

salam ukhuwah from indonesia

Anonymous said...

as salam aleykoum sister

it 's been likes ageeeeeees!!
nice to hear from u hope u are well
take care

Prometheus said...

nice blog indeed.
and thanks again for your great efforts on Gaza.

NiDa said...

As'salaam Aleykum sestro,

Masha'Allah drago mi je sto su i nasi bosnjaci izasli da podrzavaju nase bracu i sestre u Palestini - bila sam malo razocarana sto nisu odmah ustali protiv ovog masakra ali eto barem su nesto ucili makar bilo 2 sedmice poslije.

Hvala na trudu - i imas odlican blog :)!

Sve naj bolje!

Umm Salihah said...

mash'Allah glad to see my brothers and sisters in Bosnia doing thir bit mash'Allah

eda said...

Nobody can understand Palestinians rather than bosnians.Both suffers because of their nationality, honor and country. Salam to both nations!

Ahxuan said...

Very cool! we cant do that in singapore. I protest in my heart. only allah knows. :)

Anonymous said...

Joining in prayers for the Palastinians... with everyone over the world. Freedom is not far away!
Nice fotos and posts...

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