Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bosnian traditional Muslim clothes

Pictured are some typical Bosnian traditional outfits, all of which tell a story of its own.There are many different types of Bosnian traditional outfits and so much could be written about them.One of the biggest knowledge bases for this type of clothes was totally destroyed during the war in Sarajevo.
Looking at all Bosnian traditional clothes, we can notice the difference in style based on whether the clothes was worn in rural or urban areas. This difference arose mostly due to the economic differences between these social groups. Traditional clothing in towns was equivalent in towns throughout Bosnian territory, and certain variations between the national groups have not significantly influenced its core style. Village clothes are much more variedMany variations of clothes from different ethnic groups have been expressed through minor details in clothing accessories and ornaments, in their colour or the way they were worn, but essentially the core category features and characteristics have been preserved.

What do you think????


*~Ange~* said...

very nice. great inspirations for abayas

Bosnian hijab girl said...


Nourah said...

Your traditional style is beautiful. I noticed that these are old-time photos...are they still worn today in Bosnia for events like weddings etc?

Anonymous said...

I can't read well your post because there is always the youtube files covering it...could you move it a little...pleazzzz y love your blog but i can't read it!.
Jaza'aki Allahu Khairan.

Bosnian hijab girl said...

They are not still worn today in Bosnia for events like weddings ,but for other events sometimes yes,they are worn!

Najm-us-Sahar said...

very traditional and really really good........ could easily be transformed into Abayas.......

umelbanat said...

these are great styles masha Allah...

*samra* said...

omg i love that red 1 it is awsome.. i dont mind being mistaken for bosnian anymore hehe love love love it :)

Anonymous said...

quite a Turkish influence on them! :)

Bradpetehoops said...

One of the world best in modesty attire / dress. Impressive!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful costumes!

Grammar Cat said...

Where can I buy the Men's (boys) such traditional clothing - I need for my son, for UN day!

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